Let fans order and pay from their seat


Make attending a game or event at your stadium a top notch experience. Don’t make fans get up and have to miss a moment of the action. You’ll sell more and your fans will avoid waiting in the dreaded long lines during intermissions.

  • Keep a smooth flow of traffic at concessions
  • Sell more food, drinks and merchandise by letting fans order and pay from their seat.
  • No app required
  • Servers and food runners know exactly where to deliver the order
  • No Major hardware or infrastructure investment


  • At each seat where you want to offer order delivery, you’ll have a unique QR code posted
  • When customers want to order something, all they have to do is scan their QR code and they’ll be taken to a menu of available items.
  • They can select what they want, checkout and pay.
  • The order appears in the concession area on iPad and is prepared
  • All orders contain seat location so food runners know exactly where to take the food. Simple. Quick. Efficient. Your customers will order more and share their VIP experience and your staff will be more efficient too.