Hotels & Resorts
Improve the Guest Experience and Profits

Providing best in class service is a huge differentiator for hotels and resorts. Treating each guest like a VIP and eliminating mediocre service keeps them coming back.


Created for hotels and resorts that serve food and drinks at the pool or beach, TEXT4SERVICE gives your guests the power to order from their smart phone and have their order delivered to their chairs, tables or cabanas when they want it. No app is needed and your guests will love being pampered.

  • You’ll see an immediate boost in food and beverage sales
  • Guests don’t have to leave their children unattended to order
  • Elevates customer experience with pinpoint service exactly when it’s needed
  • Online reporting for management helps set benchmarks and incentives
  • Overall increase in operational efficiency
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Higher tip averages


Private Parties, Business Meetings and events are held at your facility. TEXT4SERVICE puts your staff on call for them.

  • Can be used to request help from AV or IT staff
  • Can be used to notify catering staff when running low items
  • Helps you provide a premier level of support for these events


Guests can order from their phones directly to their rooms. You can add necessities and housekeeping requests to the menu as well

  • No more hard copy menus update and restock
  • Ultra convenient for guests
  • Options at their fingertips