Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, absolutely.  As long as the Wi-Fi signal is optimal and stable where the iPad will be running TEXT4SERVICE.

No. Customers’ mobile phones connect to the cloud using their own carrier.  If you allow customers to use your Wi-Fi, please consult with your IT administrator about this.

The TEXT4SERVICE platform for staff runs on iPad.  Customers can use either Android or iOS.

All the buttons displayed are customized and can be tailored to the specific needs of your operation.  Any service or option can be shown, from a food and drink menu to a towels request, or even a web link.

Yes, customers can order food and drinks.  A full menu can be setup and customized with images, add-ons, and specific details for each item.

Probably not.  If your vendor has a pushbutton PC receiver, we can interface to it for a fee.  If they have a PC paging transmitter, we can also interface to it for a fee.

Yes, you can buy text credits from TEZ.  It can auto-refill using a credit card. Texting fees vary based on country and carrier.

It is simple and can be done from the TEXT4SERVICE customer portal.  Buttons and welcome text message can be changed and customized.  An account maintenance plan is also available for you to relax, while your TEXT4SERVICE account manager takes care of all the changes.

There are many POS systems on the market now and each one is different. To integrate will cost you a setup fee plus a hefty monthly fee. Currently, the need does not justify the expense for this integration. Mounting the iPad by any POS terminal will allow your staff to review an order prior to entry into the POS system. Remember, TEXT4SERVICE will not replace waiters and runners; it just makes them much more effective.

They will keep requesting service the same way the are currently doing without any technology.

Yes.  The fee is based on the specific variables of the location; such as, volume, number of iPads needed, account configuration and maintenance.  Your account manager will build a proposal based on your specific needs.

Yes, in fact, we even have a waiter app that can display only their request on a mobile phone.  Or you can have TEXT4SERVICE text the requests to the waiter’s phone.

Yes. As long as there is cell service available. We recommend using our signage anywhere on the property, to display instructions on how to request service.  These instructions can include a keyword to text the waiter, and a QR code that can be scanned to access the menu of services.

Yes, as long as you setup the layouts on the cloud, the layouts can be selected directly from the iPad.

Yes. All changes to areas, sections and staff can be done by your manager on the iPad.

Of course. You can group and break apart easily from the iPad.

Yes, this is done easily from the iPad.  You can select the tables you need to group, and then select a waiter (or group of waiters) assigned to the large table.  They will all get the requests.

Yes.  Guests can place an order using their cellphone via text message, scanning the QR code, or via TEXT4SERVICE App.